Download Windows 7 Theme (Skin) For Windows Live Messenger

Sharing the messenger was the first software installation, immediately after installing Windows 7. As many of you have installed Windows 7 and sharing of the angel, here is a beautiful skin, make the window WLM 7 touch.

How to install:

1. First, you need to install the messenger and live. Download and install messenger plus live (know more about messenger plus live).

2. Download the theme of the window and Shared messenger.

3. Click download theme, choose "open dialog import skin launch.Many people like Microsoft Office.

4. Click import button (make sure this option is enabled, skin, and then click import) OK to restart messenger and a new skin.

5. Enjoy.

Online media company brand (imports) today announced takeovers, a web site ExpertHub consumers and lawyers and other professionals. The network will get into the company funds and commercial vertical.

In terms of the deal were not disclosed, but it is completely accord with Internet brand strategy for acquisition - - around. CrunchBase contour list ten little purchase only in the past three years, the brand portfolio at the top 100.

This thing. AOL formal instant messaging services for investors to sell Russia ICQ 187.5 drilling million dollar. In a release, AOL CEO Tim Duncan Armstrong said: "as its restructuring AOL efforts, we lucky enough to find a great home and drilling ICQ."

Rumor is possible sale of ICQ is reported for the first time last November. We'd heard rumours are interested, but Naspers last fall out of bidding process. In December, we also hear back, Google Skype buying interest ICQ. The price lower than America online rumours about us $200 to cost $250 million.

AOL has just released its first quarter financial reports of another drop by 2010, the total income.

If a year-on-year drop in revenues in 2009, 17% last quarter, compared with the same period last year, its revenues as compared to the past quarter of a pain decreased 23 in 2009, the first quarter.

AOL said it has sold to digital sky technology ICQ 187.5 million dollars in cash, it is still considered to sell or close social network services for johan santana.

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