Download Free Windows 7 Product Guide From Microsoft

Microsoft to release another free guides, outstanding product wizard window seven new and improved in the Windows, 7.

As you know, hundreds of new and improved the window. If you are looking for a free detailed guidance, this is most suitable for you.

Windows provides detailed product guide and see many new and improved in the Windows, 7. This guide is designed as a precise information source, can help you understand how to simplify everyday tasks, Windows and work doesn't the way you want something new, make time to provide it professionals to provide information about how to make people production, management risk, by strengthening the safety control and reduce costs by streamlining computer management.Microsoft Office 2007 is welcomed by the whole world.

This is not a help and guidance. On the contrary, it provides an overview of the many exciting features, in July and the pointer to the Windows for more information. The window and product guide in XPS (31 MB) and PDF (64 MB) format.

I just came from a yahoo! In London, at the press conference, gave me a chance to talk with yahoo's chief executive Bartz carol short.

Everybody is talking about the topic is yahoo rumors square founder, so I asked her what she thought to the position of TechCrunch advice: don't sell startup, yahoo.

Bartz responded: "it depends on how much money they want."

Listen to the whole audioboo below.

The media has been the biggest online video AD networks, in the United States, and the company said it is profitable since two years. Now the company has shut down a large 4,000 million dollars to accelerate its D series product development and extend to other media "(TV may?).

Circular Draper Jurvetson fisher, some money growth fund from DFJ properly and three piedmont partners. Investors invest more money, also including the canaanites partners, Europe's founder, header, Meritech partnership fund capital partners and SAP enterprise. The earthquake doubles, total capital has nearly $80 million.

You may have heard that apple please mention massive prosecution maker - nearly two months ago. Honda. Apple is infringed its own hongda claimed more than 20 national patents. Although the number of telephone hongda makes partner, obviously, this is an apple to Google, the Android platform. Google, now may not only found Allies in the fight: Microsoft.

Yes, the software giant, which makes the opponent's Windows Mobile phone call (7) soon Windows software has announced an agreement with them, allow the patent technology license HTC. This might make some sense also let the phone. Windows But the point is that here, in Microsoft's statement, "Microsoft company, the company has signed an agreement provides extensive coverage HTC patent in Microsoft's patent for the combination of mobile robot moves hongda operation platform" (key coal).

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