Install New Language Pack In Vista Home Basic, Premium and Business Editions With Vistalizator

You need to change the Windows Vista of basic family, insurance premium, or commercial version of the display of language? In other words, you need to change the language use window displays text dialog box, menu, wizards and other items in the user interface?

Although install a language is not a big bag of users and corporate mission end users and the prospect of other Vista edition found it as an impossible task. As you probably know, Microsoft provides user interface (mui) for Windows Vista and enterprise's version.

Vistalizator is free tool that allows you to install a new language and simple steps. This simple tool is easy to use and quite simple. Just download and install a new language program began to install the starter, basic family, vision and commercial version of the home.Office 2007 Professional is very good!

Vistalizator download.

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