Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007

The necessary software package, make it become a home computer users to finish school fun and other tasks

Including the 2007 version of Excel, word, and OneNote PowerPoint

Intuitive user interface, exposing the commonly used instructions, Updated graphics and formatting gallery help you easily produce high quality documentationOffice 2007 key is very convenient!

The confidence and work safety thanks to the improvement of the automatic document recovery tools and documentation of the inspector tools, identifiable information from your documentOffice 2010 download is available now!

Enhance help system includes online tutoring and step-by-step instructions, including OneNote, digital notebook, help you collecting, sorting and search for many types of information in one place

Product description,

Can be installed in the three companies in for non-commercial use onlyBuy Office 2007 you can get much convenience.

Microsoft office, students will be home in July 2007, the essential software is computer users and family suites, including the 2007 edition of the Excel, word, and OneNote PowerPoint. This system enables you to quickly and easily create beautiful file, data sheets, report, as well as organize your notes and information in one place, and make it easier and more enjoyable, you get.

The new streamlined working space, light - to try to make the program - labels easier to find and use properties. Check is bigger.

Graphs and charts plugged into your file, so that they become more attractive. Check is bigger.

With the new chart and improvement of drawing tools to create rich, beautiful vision and charts. Check is bigger.

Fast and easy-to-use table style help your table looks great, consistent, excel spreadsheets, and file PowerPoint presentation. Check is bigger.

This document inspectors to help find and remove potentially sensitive information "hidden" from your files, report, electronic form. Check is bigger.

OneNote 2007 office enables you to collecting, sorting and search for almost any kind of information. This powerful search tools, the results showed that in yellow. Check is bigger.

This version is characteristic of the new user interface, streamline, enhanced command used pictures, exposure to high ability lets you create format, plus a strong note of the documents and the information organization, and more tools with the reliability and safety of the tools and improve inspectors document file. These improvements, making the students' family, finish the homework in 2007, happy and other tasks at home.

While version of office is suitable for you? A comparison of office 2007 edition.

Creating high quality documents

In 2007, give you home, students into a new visual effect, formatted gallery, and an intuitive user interface, exposes the usual commands. These characteristics make you very easy to produce high quality documents, will make you proud. Improved pictures, charts, image tools to help you make better see the file, data sheets and more quickly, and speech large library, the standard format tools chart, SmartArt chart can make you more easily is rich, beautiful vision and charts. Guide the user interface makes it easier for you to find and use of the characteristics of the product, so you can increase your files, according to your specifications. The bullet more stable, SmartArt charts, graphs and charts gallery provides you with a wealth of other formats. At the same time, the document to help ensure a consistent theme in literature creation Word, Excel and PowerPoint, make whole process using the work more convenient. The characteristics and sensitive of homemade easy-to-use gallery for you include tables and other graphics in your files.

To improve the reliability and safety features

An improved files automatically restored and tool and new files inspector tools to remove personally identifiable information from your files and students work together in July 2007, can help you more self-confident and security. Because of these two characteristics, you don't have to worry about losing all documents, the system failure or exposing your personal identity information or don't want to comment on share your files. Before,

Formatting gallery can easily find and format of change. Check is bigger.

User friendly operation

Packed with innovative features and improving, families and students in 2007 has streamlined interface, help system, including online tutoring and step-by-step instructions, so you can quickly understand product and find the answers to the questions. In addition, the command guidance instruction, used at revealing ribbon used only appear in the long dropdown menu. This help system also provides a smooth transition help menu, Microsoft office network (when). ScreenTips larger, more information about the command, and provide help commands are sensitive to the tags, automatic changing tasks, you are trying to finish, so you don't waste time finding the right order. When you need more guidance, online tutoring provides step-by-step instructions for common tasks.

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