Review: Fedora 12 vs. Windows 7

We compared the latest top distro Windows and see a outscores each other. Furthermore, we have discussed xt4 Filesystems E, Ext3 and NTFS, experiments were carried out to themSoftpedia, published yesterday in an interesting article about how the window - 7 to do some interesting results. Check articles.Many people like Microsoft Office.

More about this terrible momentum, and we can see the window and see the 7 and my blog published last week.

You may have on Saturday afternoon, I find the best buy or local Fried. You see, I'm a little trick nut and I love the next great products find help me do something new and better. Of course, this is a good man raised his head ecological marketing window. A large part of the universe is great Windows partners. My last few procurement (Wacom tablet, Seagate FreeAgent bamboo to 1TB portable activities, routers, samsung WNDR3700 Netgear netbook and a new Microsoft mouse) have something in common - they are sending out the window. It makes me think of support, we see things from ecological system (before, we have discussed the partners), and how to improve the window for all of our user experience.Microsoft Office 2007 is welcomed by the whole world.

When I think of surrounding ecosystems, three things that really stand in the window for me.

◦ cosmic product support Windows 7 is huge, from the PC and peripherals, commercial and consumer habits build software.

More than ever ◦ partners and users have reached this flag is looking for signs, they buy products.Office 2010 –save your time and save your money.

◦ partner in the window. The new generation of high-quality products, Windows and keep rolling leverage.

We declared last week that sales of more than 100 million license, it means that more and more people choose window. These people choose window procedure and equipment, because they are concerned with work. I often are asked to describe how much work product with Windows. The answer is simple - this is huge. Let's talk about the hardware. Thanks to the analysis of the random sampling survey of millions of PC, choose to participate in more than 25 million telemetry and we know of the equipment and the Windows.

The software is the universe even bigger -- the same telemetry showed that more than one million applications run Windows 7 PCS, people from around the world. This software from the world's biggest technology industry giants for thousands of users for software developers to build customer of small business. People want products are ready Windows. According to Download and rankings, including 14 15 application is compatible with Windows 7 - product tax, WinZip, turbine Microsoft office software. Looking at other key ranked by NPD...

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