Microsoft Touts Vista's Restart Manager Feature

"Microsoft company is developing a new important features for Windows Vista, called the restart manager to update operation system and the application does not start the machine.

Microsoft officials haven't talked a lot about this new features, open, but Jim Allchin by Microsoft products and service platforms, recently told the eWEEK division, this is an example of how important is, reboot the redmond-based software mogul.Office 2007 key is very convenient!

"If a part of the operating system itself, or need to be updated, installation procedures, it seems, will visit manager to see if it could to clear, part of the system, so it can be updated. If it can do this, it really happened, not a start," he said. "Office 2010 download is available now!

Earlier today, GigaOm Dropbox, put forward a new $7.25 fundraising (number in the summer, they million from the United States securities and exchange commission (SEC), but not for the determination of the chief executive in Houston. We only to Houston, he said, this is wrong, it is nearly a year by a series of funding Dropbox. Close, but it is round, 600 million dollars, it in October 2008. It is made, and at the same time, no sequoia (although also participate in wheel).Buy Office 2007 you can get much convenience.

Previously, the Dropbox, by improving seed round WanGongSha $120 convertible bonds, with Amidzad partners are also involved. They also raise money through my risk investment projects.

Have a ton of buzz around now. Our discussions, on Friday CrunchUp real-time may easily twice as long. There are so many interesting aspects: the operation mode, privacy, real social significance, etc. Not surprisingly, we see an explosion of services, they are based on it. This service is TechCrunch50 this year, OnTheRoad demo pit.

In 2004, in the Czech republic, equipment updating connection tourists enjoy smartphone and global positioning system is to improve the service level to a new level. Although many location services Gowalla square founder, Loopt, now is based on "type" OnTheRoad venues, in a different way. It is more about the geotagged create a travel journal, especially when you go on a journey somewhere.

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