New name flap for Microsoft -- but this time its legal right is clear

Microsoft has a new name for its anti-spyware programs, and many other products select, no doubt, this is entitled to use the nickname.

But this software development, who signed on the way not happy. Microsoft securityMany people use Microsoft Office 2007 to help their work and life.

Late last week, the company announced that it will start using a kind to be called "window of guard" anti-spyware program, it plans to provide personal computer operating system's flagship.

This is a surprise, Adam Lyttle 22 developers from Australia Adelaide, who developed a program to prevent the same name changes, the website do unnecessary from a computer Settings.Office 2007 key is available here.

Phil Schiller, apple's senior vice President of global product marketing, and return to his one-man crusade to defend their applications from the latest wave of criticism.Office 2007 is so powerful.

This time, an apple is must fight press masks all-star development platform, Joe hewitt exit procedure more compelling rise, and refused to as an increasingly robot can be replaced. Schiller has obtained the businessweek's Arik Hesseldahl what kind of publishers said, "he is the first widely. Interview unfortunately, he doesn't really say anything to quell the unrest, on the contrary, he has community finely tuned - proposed some PR - speak soothesu most Internet users, who only vaguely aware of this program, only need a reminder apple store debate still is a good man. But it can only make developers angry.

Earlier this month Chegg improve college textbook leasing company as a $112m of debt, round, series D by the company of 144M dollars. BookRenter will be announced tomorrow a competitor series round 6 million dollars from the enterprise, Adams capital management in the storm. BookRenter only a small fraction of the financing of Chegg rivals, but the company says it is in the last year, more than 300 percent. Our company is the war chests - for the university to his fierce textbooks rental market.

Chegg and BookRenter have similar main job, students can save money, just a fixed time, textbooks, usually a semester grades only the cost of direct purchasing. Material is expensive, often have a limited life, the characteristics of poor students want to save the market, has resulted in an explosion of textbook rental market in recent years.

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