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Thank you, I Lapytsh cohesion. The beta is just beautiful! The simple and elegant user interface experience, make it a welcome people through the network for the first or the existing users want more customization capabilities.Office 2007 makes life great!

Chief executive josh silverman Skype can't stop smiling at the video interview our records at menlo park this morning. And no wonder, despite serious laws and incidental drama, has managed to close his billions of dollars from the by-product of ebay Skype. His legal problems disappear. More and more like a weed Skype. And he managed to keep his job operation of business. Life is beautiful.Office 2007 download is on sale now!

He only needed to do the work management committee meetings and two more powerful character on the planet - new investors Marc andreessen and founder of new investors Zennstrom Niklas /.

Well, and maintain the train in orbit. After the explosion of more than 5 billion dollars Skype user, every 30 million new report says in an interview. 1/3 of the usage of the video, despite the fact that video call only 1-1. Voice call the multi-party. With the revenue is wandering alone at $185 / quarterly profits and 24.2%. 20 million people use Skype.Office 2010 key is for you now!

The video is as follows:

Google calendar is testing a new function, should make scheduling event body is easier than ever allow you to see whether you would conflict with the creation of the schedule of your invitation. Called "preview", its characteristic is that perhaps more exciting than the actual effect, but it should be proved to be very useful. Its characteristic is obviously in limited rollout, so don't be surprised if you cannot enter it.

Once activated preview (assuming you've visited it), when you build a new program, and you'll see a new observation model, show calendar with your details of the event. This calendar will show the plan of each one, you have been invited to the event (if your friends or colleagues to access these information), and put forward the events you will appear as semi-transparent blue box time, so you can see you soon there will be conflicts. You can click on every guest's name to show/hide their calendar is more important than others.

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