Windows Defender will be a part of Vista

"We are doing a biggest announcement, Windows defender will become part of your life, it will release vision. You can run another spy software products for window of guard, if you want. Although I may outflow of minor injury, you will be able to disable or shutdown Windows defender and installing any third party anti-spyware program, you will like it. This is very cool thing is the window security center will detect, if a skeletons anti-spyware programs, such as Windows defender running and running normally."Office 2007 key is very convenient!

Ten days ago, facebook developers Joe hewitt shock the world when he announced that he would stop development program, because he made iPhone enough apples running program. This is very important, since almost entirely responsible for lleyton one of the most popular (best) iPhone: face the program. Now, just one week after, we can see the disadvantages.Office 2010 download is available now!

Facebook network applications will be broken, and has been a long time. Each user information page contains zero update or position. Instead, each a brook loads of "users without recent posts." From the search, tips, whispering in the thread, operas, at least from yesterday may before that.Buy Office 2007 you can get much convenience.

Google's voice is GrandCentral Google company get back before 2007. Like most Google acquisition spent a long time to completely rebuild service to Google's infrastructure, even to Google's voice today still in private.

But many changes. Google's voice will release publicly. Users can port of their current telephone number. If they choose Google. Google's Gizmo5 will give customer service, enhance the ability of soft phone and Internet. Who knows what will Google's voice part in the upcoming Google's phone.

So a little housekeeping. First, it is about to shut down the GrandCentral website in December 31, 2009. Users to upgrade for Google's voice in the earlier this year, but the old GrandCentral information in the old site. Still So, if you want to keep them, Google suggest you download them.

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