Screen shots / Screen captures

Mac and Windows computers can catch a window procedure for content of other programs.

The window

To organize your program window screen or the way you want them to, in the Windows, moderate, suit your needs.

To capture the current window, hold ALT and press PrtSc keys.

Occupied the whole screen replaces the current window, media is PrtScr.The invention of Microsoft Office 2010 is a big change of the world.

This makes an image of the current window or screen on the clipboard.

Switch to any other applications and select edit, paste or Ctrl + V stick figure.

If you want to preserve the image file for future use, paste to MS photo editing, paint, or any other image editing program and preservation.Office 2007 Professional and Office 2007 home and student helpful.

There are many commercial screen capture program, provides more flexibility and more convenient. SnagIT, Techsmith is a kind of user preferences PowerPoint.

mikeOffice 2007 download is in discount now!

Apple operating system allows you to save a screen directly to your desktop or let you put it on the clipboard with buttons. If you choose to save, the film is called "pictures" ably, then is the first in order to capture. In OS X, Office 2010 key is for you now!

caught, but they can in PDF format conversion and preview. In September of OS and lower, they are stored in PICT format, but they can use frequency converter utilities.Office 2010 –save your time and save your money.

Occupied the whole screen, and save to your desktop, according to the following key: apple + Shift + 3.Office 2007 key is very convenient! 

Occupation of parts of screen press: apple + Shift + 4, dragging the mouse selection box, and then put the mouse save screen capture.Microsoft Office is so great!

To capture the current window in OS 9 or low, according to open the bottle locks, apple + Shift + 4, according to the current window. If you want to see this function in OS X, please send us feedback of applesBuy Office 2007 you can get much convenience.

If you would save a screen shot directly to the clipboard pasting into another application, simply press the button control with apples and transfer of the keys.Office 2010 download is available now!

OS X including public called to let you take a screen capture without buttons. Can you find it in the Macintosh hd/procedures/tools. Generate screen can be preserved in TIFF format, but they can be converted to save them, preview.Microsoft Office 2007 can give you more convenient life.

Snapz close X is a professional screen capture utility, OS X provided by the built-in keystroke function. Learn more about this program software websiteMany people like buy Office 2010 Home or Office Professional 2010.

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