Add Asian Language support to PowerPoint, Office, Windows

Asian languages (Chinese/Japanese/South Korea or CJK) may support different levels - through the special additional software and operation systems/window itself or individual application.

Asian language support. installMany people like Microsoft Office.

Installation of Japan, for example, in a Windows XP, follow these steps:

Choose start, the control panel.

In the control panel, and then double-click "regional and language options.Many people use Microsoft Office 2007 to help their work and life.

In this region, language options dialog open to language TAB.

Put a checkmark installation files of language ", "east side, then click apply. You must click apply before or next is impracticable.

When you click apply, you'll see this message:

Click OK. Supports Windows installation required documents.

Then click for details.

In the text input language service and the open dialog box, click addOffice 2007 is so powerful.

In the language input dialog, open, choose the ideal input language

Choose a "window automatically keyboard layout/ime"Office Professional 2007 and Office 2007 home is many people’s favorite.

Click ok to return to text input language service

Click the "properties", "language bar..." And "key Settings..." Familiarize yourself with the different choices, you can choose. Now, don't do anything.

When you have finished, click the "ok" button to return "regional and language options dialog box

Click OKOffice 2010 –save your time and save your money.

Now you can use the language selection tool on the toolbar switch between languages.

This option in the taskbar change depending on the language you choose.

You can also choose to show the language bar, it gives you a floating toolbar and language options.The invention of Microsoft Office 2010 is a big change of the world.

Language support in PowerPoint/office 2003

Once you have installed a new language in the window, you can start PowerPoint or other office procedures, choose the language you want from language bar.Choose Office 2007 Professional is the most lucky thing in the world.

2002 / XP need office more help

In 2002, including office support as selectively installed CJK characteristics. It is installed on your computer, then choose font PowerPoint format, from the main menu.

The normal PowerPoint XP / 2002 the font dialog.Office 2007 key is available here.

PowerPoint XP / 2002 the font dialog with CJK support installation:

Like CJK support installation, you may have access to other functions, such as vertical text boxes drawing tools and additional layout, support the vertical text and/or vertical title.

In the office, installation CJK support XP tool in the office of the language setting. In the office of the office CD, language tools.By using Office 2010 Professional, you can save your money and time

Disable the language, choose start, plan, office automation tools, Microsoft office XP language setting. In Microsoft office language Settings dialog box, make the language options, make the language list, click you want to remove, and then click delete.Office 2007 download is helpful!

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