Vista and Security Bundling

"Several reporters asked me this software testing method, the Windows software security vendors, such as McAfee panda symantec or trend. The software technology that what is important.

According to the software will point out: "not compatible with Windows operating system (formerly codenamed" longhorn ") as the operating system is released.Many people like Microsoft Office.

With the great emphasis on Microsoft security, the software compatible with Windows vista to rationalize. Why Microsoft's main products are not compatible with major new consumer software new operating system? One explanation reason: Microsoft will find similar functions of the software, including virus, window to the Windows Vista. "Microsoft Office 2007 is welcomed by the whole world.

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I feel strange. I say, safer and better, especially for products such as viruses and don't do. The WindowsOffice 2010 –save your time and save your money.

KIDO 'Z, Israel, the browser for children behind the company, the media released a new version of the program, and think, now we regard it as a network operating system for the children.

This course will be futile, as the new KIDO 'Z telecommunication function, content of consumer elements into computer manufacturers in the machine, prefabricated platform.

You might think, almost completely open to the public, after four years of people through email subscriptions blog, right? You are wrong, at least until today.

Although it had been possible through email subscriptions blog using FeedBurner or other RSS coordinator, Automattic now increase the parent email subscriptions characteristics of free blogging services.

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